Set model 79853 Kalimo-0
Set model 79853 Kalimo £32.11
A sensual two-piece set consisting of a chemise and shorts made of delicate satin. The chemise has wide straps and is accentuated with lace under breasts. Thanks to sophisticated cut it ideally underlines feminine neckline. Shorts finished with matching lace. It's an elegant set that fits the body perfectly and guarantees comfort while wearing. Style_Style: Customised to the relevant body parts. provides high wearing comfort providing flexibility of material in appropriate directions providing proper material flow (flowing satin effect) Total length of shirt after side seams_ 43 cm Total length of shorts after side seams_ 20 cm Material_Material:High-quality High-quality, fleshy satin Appropriate softness on the inside delicate, soft lace high quality weave Additional product features_ Size. wide, comfortable shoulder straps Lingerie packed in a beautiful, big box (perfect for a gift) Bottomless, comfortable straps. Spandex 3 % Polyester 97 % Size Hips Chest Waist L 101-105 cm 95-99 cm 75-79 cm M 96-100 cm 90-94 cm 70-74 cm S 91-95 cm 84-89 cm 65-69 cm XL 106-110 cm 100-104 cm 80-84 cm XXL 111-115 cm 105-109 cm 85-89 cm
Pyjama model 185257 Donna-0 Pyjama model 185257 Donna-1
Pyjama model 185257 Donna £40.84
Elegant and comfortable two-piece pajamas Sofia. The chemise is maintained in beige tones. The neckline is subtle, trimmed with thin piping. The accent is provided by lace sleeves. The shorts are long with a classic cut. Entirely made of soft viscose with floral pattern in beige, navy and blue colors. Made in Poland. Spandex 5 % Viscose 95 % Size Hips Chest 36 88-92 cm 86-90 cm 38 92-96 cm 90-94 cm 40 96-100 cm 94-98 cm 42 100-104 cm 98-102 cm 44 104-108 cm 102-106 cm
Nightshirt model 184075 Donna-0 Nightshirt model 184075 Donna-1
Nightshirt model 184075 Donna £34.02
Feminine and charming nightgown with long sleeves. Made of high quality viscose, which is very pleasant to the body. The floral motif gives additional charm. Sleeves and neckline finished with delicate lace. Spandex 5 % Viscose 95 % Size Hips Chest 36 88-92 cm 86-90 cm 38 92-96 cm 90-94 cm 40 96-100 cm 94-98 cm 42 100-104 cm 98-102 cm 44 104-108 cm 102-106 cm
T-shirt model 182939 Teyli-0 T-shirt model 182939 Teyli-1
T-shirt model 182939 Teyli £16.91
Women's bamboo undershirt in white color. It is very nice for a woman's skin and soft to the touch, due to its composition, which is bamboo fiber, which is anti-static, has antibacterial and antifungal properties, it is addressed to women suffering from various skin allergies. The undershirt has a simple classic fit, which perfectly adheres to the silhouette, without putting undue pressure on it, does not have any patterns and decorations, it is addressed to women who love simple style. Also, in combination with matching leggings, it is an ideal set for sports, due to the fact that the bamboo fiber cools and protects against excessive perspiration of the body during intense efforts. The length of the undershirt reaches halfway to the hips and the bottom is very aesthetically finished, with thin shoulder straps. In the front at the neckline and at the back on the back it is more strongly cut in a semicircular shape. The undershirt is a staple in everyday styling and a base under classic undershirts and oversize sweaters. Washed at the right temperature, it will retain its original appearance and will not change cut. It is an essential item in a woman's closet. The bamboo undershirt does not require ironing with an iron. ~Bambus 95 % Spandex 5 % Size Hips Chest L 102 cm 96 cm M 98 cm 92 cm S 94 cm 88 cm XL 106 cm 100 cm XS 90 cm 84 cm XXL 110 cm 104 cm XXXL 114 cm 108 cm XXXXL 118 cm 112 cm XXXXXL 122 cm 116 cm
T-shirt model 182937 Teyli-0 T-shirt model 182937 Teyli-1
T-shirt model 182937 Teyli £11.79
Women's cotton top in white with wide straps. The top is made of high-quality cotton with the addition of elastic Lycra threads. Thanks to this ingredient it retains its cut during prolonged use and after washing. Thanks to the fact that the fabric is very compact, it emphasizes and models the female shape and masks the imperfections of the figure. In the front near the neck, it is finished with a half-circle, thanks to which it nicely exposes the bust. In combination with tight-fitting leggings, it makes a perfect sports set for fitness. It also looks spectacular worn, for example, under a jacket for everyday work, and also lies perfectly under clothes. Every woman should have such a classic top in her closet, as it provides full comfort and convenience. Cotton 95 % Spandex 5 % Size Hips Chest L 102 cm 96 cm M 98 cm 92 cm S 94 cm 88 cm XL 106 cm 100 cm XS 90 cm 84 cm XXL 110 cm 104 cm XXXL 114 cm 108 cm
Pyjama model 170341 Momenti Per Me-0 Pyjama model 170341 Momenti Per Me-1
Pyjama model 170341 Momenti Per Me £40.84
Women's pajamas consisting of a blouse and long pants. Blouse with short sleeves, a pocket on the front. Long pants with a loose, comfortable cut. The set is also ideal as homewear. Size Hips Chest L 94-100 cm 88-92 cm M 90-96 cm 84-88 cm S 86-92 cm 80-84 cm XL 98-104 cm 92-96 cm
Set model 163429 Kalimo-0 Set model 163429 Kalimo-1
Set model 163429 Kalimo £29.05
Charming two-piece pajamas made of comfortable and pleasant to the body viscose. The top is a blouse with wider straps and a V-shaped neckline. An additional lace strap running from the front of the neckline through the neckline is an eye-catching finesse element. The bottom is made of simple, comfortably cut shorts. Nice to the body material and perfectly cut will ensure the highest comfort. Will you try it on? :) Underwear packed in a beautiful, large package (ideal for a gift). Spandex 5 % Viscose 95 % Size Hips Chest L 101-105 cm 95-99 cm M 96-100 cm 90-94 cm S 91-95 cm 84-89 cm XL 106-110 cm 100-104 cm XXL 111-115 cm 105-109 cm
Pyjama model 160178 Sensis-0
Pyjama model 160178 Sensis £24.44
Stylish red and white women's pyjamas that will be perfect for both the festive season and the whole autumn/winter period. Soft and cotton, featuring a comfortable blouse with a tempting almond neckline, a charming print on the chest and comfortable patterned shorts set with a cute bow at the waist. Cotton 100 % Size Hips Chest L 99-102 cm 90-93 cm M 95-98 cm 86-89 cm S 90-94 cm 82-85 cm XL 103-106 cm 94-97 cm
T-shirt model 159673 Babell-0 T-shirt model 159673 Babell-1
T-shirt model 159673 Babell £18.61
Elegant, smooth blouse with beautiful lace decoration along the neckline. Model type basic, on thin, adjustable straps, perfect for many different stylizations. Cotton 100 % Size Chest L 95-100 cm M 89-94 cm S 83-88 cm XL 101-106 cm XXL 107-116 cm

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